It is of immense importance to work out a precise and correct plant and process configuration as each painting process and each painting requirement could be varied.

The variance comes due to the Various factors involved like, variety of components, Different PT requirements, varied production requirements, the type of paint & surface finish as well as life of the painting required, and amount of automation required.

In addition to all the variations in pant requirement, Emax focus on building energy efficient plants, with a long lasting life while maintaining the ROI needs of our clients. Our plants incorporate the best of Humidity and temperature control while maintaining the positive air pressure balance for operator comfort and dust prevention.

Our Capability to conceive, design, manufacture, install & commission a solution to a given need of quantity and cost gives us the cutting edge over our competitions.

We would therefore request you to send us your Request for Quotation (RFQ) Sheet filled so that we can work out a customized solution ofr all our requirement.

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